Polar Mechanical’s sheet metal fabrication shop can meet all your ductwork needs, whether big or small.  We fabricate everything from residential furnace changeover plenums to industrial-sized ducting and venting.  Our shear can cut metal up to and including 3/16” in thickness.  We fabricate various custom metal fittings, molds, brackets, steel rings, drain and drip pans, various metal covers and panels, machine guards, metal flashing, etc. to customers’ specifications.   We also fabricate and install roof curbs for rooftop HVAC systems.


Our workers also install and repair ductwork, supply and install venting, supply/install exhaust systems and fans, motorized dampers, cooling coils, HRV’s and ERV’s, makeup Air systems, dust collector systems, as well as install metal flashing and siding and metal roofing.


Contact us for information, for a free estimate, or if you have questions.  We’ll be glad to help!