At Polar Mechanical we take the safety of our workers and our customers seriously.  Our goal is to have everyone we work with return home to their families at the end of the day healthy and safe from any potential workplace injury.   We maintain compliance and an above-average safety record with Ontario’s Workplace & Safety Insurance Board.  If your company needs a current clearance certificate for us from WSIB, please go their website or contact us and we will be happy to send you one.   In our association with WSIB, we are also members of Ontario’s Infrastructure Health & Safety Association.  Additionally, we continue to be a member of Employers First, an organization that assists with businesses’ health and safety compliance.


For a current WSIB clearance certificate, log in at:

Our employees’ core safety training program is WHMIS, Working at Heights, Working on Elevated Platforms, First Aid & CPR, Violence & Harassment Awareness and, MOL’s Safety Awareness for Workers and Supervisors. Additional safety training is provided on an as-needed basis. We strive to maintain compliance with Ontario’s Health & Safety Act on all our work sites.

Polar Mechanical is a member of, and prequalified with, several large safety organizations that screen contractors such as us who work for their clients. See the links below to ComplyWorks, Contractor Compliance, ISNetworld, Cognibox, and Avetta for further information.